Ebook Review: ‘How to Market for SEO Writing Work’

  • TITLE: How to Market for SEO Writing Work: The Marketing Plan I Used to Land 14 Writing Jobs in Just Over a Week
  • AUTHOR: Yuwanda Black
  • PRICE: $19.95

This book is actually an excerpt from the larger book ‘How to Make $250 Per Day — Or More — Writing Simple Web Articles & Blog Posts’

The author, Yuwanda Black, decided to sell this section separately because for many new freelance writers, including yours truly, marketing is the hardest part when they first get started.

The guide consists of the pullout, which is a short marketing plan which the author used herself to find work, and a longer section comprising ‘The Small Biz Owner’s Complete Marketing Kit’ which is included as free add on. This covers such areas as emails, newsletters, press releases, writing articles, and sales letters.

The report is then topped off with three free reports covering marketing mistakes, automating a marketing plan, and how to increase sales.

First Impressions

The report doesn’t look pretty, but that hardly matters. The author is far more concerned with substance over style, and I like that. It means she has spent less time fussing around with design, and more time creating something of real value.

My only real qualm is that the marketing plan section at the beginning is a bit short. It still has lots of useful information, but the real bulk of the ebook is the Complete Marketing Kit, and I thought it could have a bit more on the process of applying for jobs.

Having said that, it does exactly what it says it will do in the title and it is certainly helpful to see exactly what another freelance writer – especially one who has been so successful – did to find jobs.

The Author

Yuwanda Black is a freelance writer and author of many ebooks on freelance writing, internet marketing, and ebook writing. I’ve read a number of her products, and you will find some of the others right here on this website.

She also runs the writing business NewMediaWords.biz, and the freelance writing site InkwellEditorial.com, as well as others. She’s been involved in publishing since 1987, and she describes herself as a ‘long-time, serial entrepreneur’, so her experience is top notch, and you get a feel for this just by reading what she has to say.

Lots of Detail and Examples

The ebook presents a clear formula in simple stages of exactly what the author did to find freelance writing clients. This includes the exact email she used to start finding jobs, which is a great place to start. I also enjoyed the ‘Freelance Success Story’ which provides a good real-world example.

The ‘The Small Biz Owner’s Complete Marketing Kit’ is packed full of information, and because it is all written with beginners in mind it is easy to follow and does not contain any confusing jargon.

Also, if you buy this then you can get a discount on the larger book which it is taken from so you don’t end up paying for it twice, and that’s a nice touch.

Does it Deliver?

The title of the book promises to show the marketing plan the author used, and it delivers on this promise as well as providing the added bonus of the marketing kit.

The title is catchy because it says how she found 14 jobs in just over a week, and although this is certainly possible, you have to remember that she already had a lot of experience as a freelance worker and I wouldn’t suggest you hold out hopes of getting the same results. In my experience a few jobs in a week would be more realistic if you are just starting out.

Still, it shows exactly how the author found work using a technique which still works (email marketing). Many new writers want to see a real example of how to find work, and she provides just that – with the added bonus of the meaty marketing kit included.

Marketing is the Key

I strongly agree with the whole premise that marketing is one of the most important aspects of running a freelance business. No marketing means no clients which means no food on the table, and it is therefore a skill which every writer needs to be successful.

This book is an excellent place to start and it can really help any new writer to avoid the jobs boards from the word go and start to find higher-paying jobs immediately.

More Info on Clients Would Be Useful

The only thing I really wanted more from when I read this ebook for the first time was a bit more info about the exact types of clients she contacts. The book focuses more on the process rather than the types of clients to look for. Still, she certainly provides enough ideas to get going and to keep any new writer very busy.

A Recommended Read

I would definitely recommend this ebook for any new writers – if anything just to see how easy it is to find clients even if you are just starting out.

It will also be very useful for anyone who has not done email marketing before, or for any writers for whom marketing is not their strong point.

The price is good for the information which is contained, and I’d give it a solid 8 out of 10.

I should also note that this was one of the books I purchased when I first started out (although I purchased the larger ebook from which this is taken), and I have used the exact technique outlined in the marketing plan to find pretty much all of my clients.

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