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Welcome to Pro Web Writing

My name’s Greg Walker and I’ve been an online freelance writer since 2008. Now I’ve stopped taking on new client work in order to focus on my other projects, although I still have a number of regular clients who I continue to work for.

If you’re anything like me then you like the sound of a job that you can do online from anywhere over the internet, and one that you can actually make a good living from.

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eBook Reviews – Get the Lowdown on Some of the Best Freelance Writing eBooks

I regularly review freelance writing ebooks and I put these up on the website where I hope they will be useful to you. All of the reviews are very detailed – I even used some of the books myself to set up my own writing business.

One of my favorites is How to Make $250 Per Day — Or More — Writing Simple Web Articles & Blog Posts which is the exact book I used to get started. I’ve also reviewed a number of other books and you can find links to these in the sidebar to the right.

Enjoy the site and good luck with your freelance writing career!

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